Hey Yall!

    I am so excited you found me! My name is Sarah and I am a portrait, lifestyle, and wedding photographer. I'm a born and raised southern girl originally from North Carolina, but currently reside in Nashville, TN. 

    Photography is a passion I have truly never lost sight of. It is a love I found early on and it has only grown stronger as years go by. The parts of life I love the most are travel, fashion, food, and love; the fact that photography allows me to enjoy all those things while capturing it in the process makes it even better.

    To me, photography can create magic. It captures part of the soul only revealed in a second. I love getting those quirky moments between father and daughter, unexpected emotion at a wedding (cough cough -- groom), and that sparkle in your eye that appears when you're looking at the person you love the most.

    My goal as a photographer is to create everlasting memories, capture genuine, real-time emotion, and reveal one's true beauty. We are lucky to live in a world where we can literally capture moments forever, reliving them and the emotions that were felt in an exact moment for years to come. 


    Through the shoot and the final photos, I strive to show my clients the beauty I see in them and help them to feel their absolute best. ​

    Whether you're a blogger, a mother, a senior, or a bride, I cannot wait to work with you. I would love to hear what you've got up your sleeve and make your vision come to life! 

A few of my life loves:

  • All dogs and making absolute sure everyone I'm with is aware of the one walking across the street.

  • Coffee dates (but don't judge me if I get decaf-- caffeine can make ya girl feel crazy)

  • Taking solo trips and exploring new cities across the globe

  • That feeling when a plane first takes off

  • Free wifi

  • Guacamole and queso and lots of it

  • Getting your hair washed at the salon

  • Anything soft -- comfort is in my top 3 most important things in life and I do own an embarrassingly high number of blankets

  • Mojitos at any time of the day 

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